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Helpful Materials

Listed below are helpful materials, resources and guidance about living with psoriasis that you can download, share and print.

Psoriasis, skin, resources, guidance, tips, tools, information, help

7 tips for 7 minutes

Download the 7 tips for 7 minutes GP consultation guide to help you make the most of your appointment
Psoriasis, skin, resources, guidance, tips, tools, information, help

PSO What? Report

Recognising that much still needs to change in the care of people living with psoriasis, a group of patients, healthcare professionals and charities have joined together to fight back against psoriasis. The PSO What? Report, led by the Patients Association and LEO Pharma in collaboration with the expert PSO What? Taskforce, shows that psoriasis is far from ‘just a skin condition’.
wake up to psoriasis report cover

Wake Up To Psoriasis Report

This report from LEO Pharma and the Psoriasis Association shines a light on the under-recognised impact of sleep loss and itch for people living with psoriasis, and the detrimental effect on daily life, overall wellbeing and participation in wider society.
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