MINDBOOST is an anti-stress programme offering a series of physical and mental exercises. The exercises are grouped into three key areas: Confidence, Mood and Focus. Each area focuses on a personality type. Even though most of us are characterized better by one of these personality types we can all benefit from all the exercises. You can take the test below for a recommendation on which key area you should start with. If you want to learn more about how we developed MINDBOOST click here.

Prioritising what matters

Do you  feel pushed and pulled between a hundred priorities, thoughts and projects? It may start as a small frustration but soon you can begin to feel out of balanced and stressed. Take a little time every day to keep yourself focused on what matters and stop distracting thoughts from taking over.

Exercise – Be curious about why you rush around so much

Integrating the exercise

If you struggle with so many things during your day and you would like to take action, here some tips:

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Get Started ! Take our 10-question test

The MINDBOOST test is a simple multiple-choice questionnaire comprising 10 questions. MINDBOOST will then recommend how you should start.


When unexpected events occur I:


We all want recognition in life. My way of getting it is by:


Humour is primarily for:


My way to cope with pain is:


My attitude towards time is:


I see my body as:


A main priority in life is:


When I get into a difficult emotional situation I:


A good way to release daily tensions is to:


A new challenge:

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