Social Media Principles UK/IE

Our social media pages provide a place in which to share information and raise awareness, but we can’t discuss or provide diagnosis of a skin condition. Due to regulations, we cannot discuss prescription pharmaceutical products. All content must be factual and non-promotional.

We welcome your general questions, comments and suggestions, but if you think you may require medical attention then you should visit your local healthcare professional who knows your full medical history for an accurate diagnosis and advice that is personalised to you. 

We will endeavour to respond to mentions and/or replies and ensure that any factually incorrect information shared is corrected as soon as possible. We are not responsible for content altered by other social media users or pages. Where we are unable to provide the information you need, we will instead suggest who you should contact. 

Please note our social media pages are actively monitored during business hours only. 

Information about medicines and medical treatment

As a pharmaceutical company, LEO Pharma is not in a position to diagnose a skin condition or provide advice on how they should be managed, including recommending any treatments. It is very important that patients are advised by a healthcare professional who knows a patient’s medical and treatment history. While external websites and links have all been verified ahead of use, LEO Pharma is not responsible for any information about medicines and medical treatment they contain. 

Suspected side effects

Patient safety is our key priority and we take all information related to the safety of our medicines extremely seriously. If you have experienced a side effect it can be reported directly to the company or to your local health authority which in the UK is the MHRA using the  Yellow Card Scheme or via the Yellow Card app (download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) and Ireland is the HPRA via the HPRA online form. Alternatively you can report this directly to LEO for the UK and Ireland  to For other countries the details of how to contact are listed on individual web sites.

Other events/product use and storage

Please let us know if you have used, or stored, any of our products in any way other than as advised by your GP as it is useful information for us to collect for our safety database. Please contact

Product quality

If you have any concerns about the quality of any of our products, please contact

Data privacy

If personal data is shared with LEO Pharma via social media this will not be stored by LEO Pharma or provided to any third parties.

UK/IE 2013b/00110 Date of preparation: April 2018

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