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In recent times life has changed, and this has meant that many of our routines have had to adapt. Changes to your fitness levels, mental wellbeing, or even how you interact with your doctor can all have an impact on your psoriasis.1,2

71% of people feel that that their psoriasis symptoms have worsened over the past year.3*

Making positive changes to your routine can feel daunting, but by starting small, you may be surprised by the progress you can make.

LEO Pharma has partnered with the Psoriasis Association to launch Small Steps are a Big Start. Together, we want to support and motivate you to restart positive old habits and maybe even start new ones.

  • icon of person meditating

    Refresh your mental wellbeing

  • person walking icon

    Boost your health and fitness

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    Connect with your doctor

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Small Steps are a Big Start is created and funded by LEO Pharma in partnership with the Psoriasis Association. *Survey conducted with at least 240 people with psoriasis.

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