Psoriasis Myths and Facts

There are millions of internet search results related to the topic of finding “help with psoriasis.” So how can one know the difference between what works and what doesn’t? These short films examine some of the most popular myths surrounding psoriasis.

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People living with psoriasis often ask about the use of herbs, essential oils, vinegar, banana peels and the like to fight their plaques, or even “cure” their condition. Also, it’s a fact that one third of all psoriasis patients have a family history of psoriasis and many patients are concerned that it is hereditary. 
Our acknowledged dermatology expert, Doctor Javier is ideally qualified to sort psoriasis facts from myths and help people to stay on top of their condition.

Dr. Javler Pedraz
Specialist in Dermatology, Hospital San Carlos Madrid. Associate Professor in Health Science, University Complutense Madrid.