Thanks for stopping by. If you’re here, chances are you’re affected by psoriasis; either because you yourself are living with the condition, or because you’re close to someone who is.

As you may know, psoriasis is a complex, immune-mediated skin condition that's linked to a number of potentially debilitating complications. In fact, studies show that people living with psoriasis are likely to suffer from serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease,1 diabetes,2 sleep disorders,3 depression and anxiety.4 Serious stuff. Which is why regular holistic reviews are essential for the overall physical and mental health of people living with psoriasis.

Unfortunately, not everyone looks beyond a person’s skin to see what else is going on, and so some people with psoriasis face social stigma. There are also incorrect or delayed diagnoses and inadequate access to psoriasis care for many people around the world with psoriasis5, meaning the right care just isn’t always there to help people keep their condition in check.

But what can be done?

This year’s World Psoriasis Day falls on Monday 29th October, and LEO Pharma will be raising awareness of the seriousness of psoriatic disease with the launch of I’m more than my skin – a campaign that asks the world to look beyond visible symptoms, to see the person behind their psoriasis.

On this page you’ll find two short videos about psoriasis and a collection of inspiring words from people who are living with – and triumphing over – psoriasis. If you feel moved enough to share your own stories of psoriasis, please use #immorethanmyskin so we can help start a movement.

You see, if we all talk enough about the seriousness of psoriasis, we can help advocate for better holistic management and treatment options and improved access to care for the 125 million6 individuals living with a psoriatic disease today.
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These videos are super-short and packed with psoriasis facts that you – or people you know – may find surprising… Take a look and share away.

Real psoriasis stories

“The skin patches and pain became part of my routine. One of my coping mechanisms is to always stay positive. I understood that I had to get through this in the best way and try not to let myself down. Being positive is the best way… I don’t have a body that can withstand many physical pressures, but it has no limits whatsoever for dreams.”

Rayanne, 26, Brazil

Real psoriasis stories

“Before I got involved with NPF (National Psoriasis Foundation), my confidence level was very low. I could barely stand to look at myself. Now, I’m more confident than ever. I feel unstoppable and unlimited, and I believe I can do anything. I’m optimistic about the future too…”

Vickie, 48, USA

Real psoriasis stories

“I’ve always had the attitude that, if you’re going to judge me for having psoriasis, then you’re not the person I want in my life, even if was completely cured. In my early years of dancing, I had a lot of partners refusing to dance with me because they didn’t want to touch me. But that motivated me – I wanted to be so good that everyone would dance with me, no matter what my skin looked like.”

Melissa, 26, USA

Real psoriasis stories

“In some ways, I’ve turned things around so that it’s a blessing – psoriasis has made me slow my life down a bit. Psoriasis is just something that you have to carry around with you for the rest of your life. You need to learn to love it and work with and around it. Just be who you are, because everyone else is already taken. That’s my advice for anyone out there living with psoriasis.”

Maria, 47, Denmark
World Psoriasis Day blog

Blogger stories

Read what World Psoriasis Day and the I’m More Than My Skin campaign means to our Bloggers.

If you are inspired by these stories, why not share your own with your friends and followers using #immorethanmyskin


I’m More Than My Skin is a campaign from LEO Pharma. By offering care solutions to patients in more than 100 countries globally, LEO Pharma supports people in managing their skin conditions. For more information, visit or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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