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The Wake Up to Psoriasis report from LEO Pharma and the Psoriasis Association shines a light on the under-recognised impact of sleep loss and itch for people living with psoriasis, and their detrimental effect on daily life, overall wellbeing and participation in wider society.

Download the full report and scroll down to tell us if you have woken up to psoriasis.

Key findings from the Wake Up to Psoriasis report
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2 in 5 (43%)
people with psoriasis reported difficulty sleeping in the past month1
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3 in 4 (73%)
of people with psoriasis reported getting less than 5 hours sleep on their most recently disturbed night1
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1 in 10 (11%)
people with psoriasis said they were robbed of 12 or more night's sleep in the past month1
“I scratched so badly last night I bled and ruined my bedding as my skin was weeping and bleeding.”

Psoriasis patient diary response
Watch the video to see how Katie, Gerry and Bianca woke up to their psoriasis.
Have you woken up to psoriasis?

Are you planning to discuss your psoriasis with your doctor within the next 6 months?


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In 2019, LEO Pharma and the Psoriasis Association partnered to conduct three pieces of market research: General Public Attitudes Survey (GPAS); Patient Survey (PS); Patient Diary Exercise (PDE). GPAS analysed the data from 2,006 UK adults, which included a subsample of 128 people with self-reported psoriasis and 1,878 people without psoriasis. PS analysed data from 100 UK adults currently living with psoriasis and the PDEs included experiences from 20 different adults from the UK with psoriasis. In conjunction with the new survey findings, LEO Pharma and the Psoriasis Association developed the Wake Up to Psoriasis Report.

1. LEO PHARMA. Data on file: Psoriasis Patient Survey DERM-013, Jan 2019. MAT-17374 September 2020

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