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Everyone talks to themselves. It’s normal. A constant dialogue of every waking moment, like a running commentary. Your self talk can vary from the mundane; like the groceries you need to buy or the list of things you need to pack for your holiday. To the more emotional; re-enacting that final conversation with your ex or constructing the perfect argument for a confrontation that hasn’t even happened yet.

Our self talk plays a huge role in our mental health and it determines how we present ourselves to the world and how we deal with everyday situations. The problem arises when your self talk negatively impacts your daily life and becomes all consuming.

Words Hurt

Words can be cruel, and often very difficult to forget. Remember that time someone picked on you in Primary school… yeah that stuff sticks!

But as adults, the words don’t always come from someone else. Sometimes the things we say to ourselves can be the most hurtful. Stop and think. Would you say these words to a friend? Treat yourself as you would a best friend and be your own cheerleader. Build yourself up, encourage your talents and have belief in yourself.

Something to Smile About

The old saying is very true, we are our own worst enemy. The next time you look in the mirror and internally catalogue all your flaws. Pause for a moment. Positive words can be as equally powerful as harsh ones. Start to find something you do like about yourself. Pinpoint things you do like, no matter how trivial. Look at them instead. You may just find though that if you can find one little thing to smile about, you will slowly start to find other things you like.

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Judgey McJudgerson

Ever find yourself judging someone. Inwardly calling out a hideous dress or questioning a new hairstyle. It usually doesn’t make you feel better about yourself and it does nothing to change your situation. All too often someone expecting to be judged, will be the first one to judge others. That little voice that tells you your skin is hideous or that people will be revolted by the mere sight of your psoriasis. That’s you. You are the one thinking that. So if you are thinking it, you have the power to NOT think it. Your thoughts are a choice. So choose to think nice thoughts about yourself and others. Compliment a loved one or a stranger. It may amaze you that saying something nice about them can make you feel so much better.

What Would Your Loved Ones Say?

If someone was asked to describe you, I would bet money that the first thing out their mouth would not be ‘psoriasis’. Yes they may mention it but that may say more about what you portray to the world. If you focus on your psoriasis, so will everyone else. If you focus on smiling and being positive, that’s what others will associate with you. Be mindful of the words you use to describe yourself. Others will take their cue from you. If they think certain words are okay to describe you because you use them, make sure those words are complimentary ones.

Shift Your Focus

You are more than your psoriasis. You are much more than your physical body. Although it can be difficult, try shifting your focus from your physical being, to the things you can’t see; what makes you, you.

Have you helped someone lately? Have you overcome a challenge? Have you solved a problem at work? Have you been productive at home?

24 hours in a day is a long time to be focussed on psoriasis. Mentally list the great things that have happened lately.

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

The digital age we live in does very little to build up our self esteem. Hours of scrolling through other people’s ‘best lives’ on social media can be a downward spiral of comparisons, self doubt and envy. When that little voice starts to tell you that you are less than someone, remind yourself of the things you have to be grateful for, remind yourself that they are human too; they’ll have down times too. The people putting up the most perfect portrayals are often the ones with the greatest insecurities.

Pick a Daily Mantra

Positive affirmations can be very powerful tools. Uplifting words or phrases that can act as a reminder to refocus your thoughts and squash those harsh words. It can be a nice way to manage unhelpful thoughts. It can be as simple as saying to yourself  ‘Today is going to be a good day’ or something more specific. Whatever you choose, say the phrase to yourself when your psoriasis starts to be the focus of your thoughts. Prompt your brain to acknowledge the unwanted thoughts and move on.

Daily Mantra

Be Kinder to Yourself Now

Positive self talk can have positive mental health benefits. The same way you alter your lifestyle or medications to treat the physical symptoms of an illness, altering your self talk will treat the emotional aspect.  And the beauty of this medicine is you have the power to start doing it NOW.

UK/IE MAT-17312 Date of Preparation: May 2018

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