Maternity fashion and psoriasis

Maternity fashion and psoriasis

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Psoriasis during Pregnancy – Clothes to Cover, Flatter and Comfort

Psoriasis can often seem like it comes with its own set of fashion rules.

• Distract from psoriasis using accessories.

• Wear loose, comfortable clothes.

• Don’t wear black, it shows up the flakes.

Falling pregnant is no different; you all of a sudden have another set of fashion rules to abide by.

• No underwired bras.

• Wear transitional temporary clothes to accommodate bump.

• Only wear black, it’s slimming!

Well it’s a good job, when it comes to clothes, I wear what I like and make sure I feel good, regardless of what the rules say.

From 16 weeks on, in your second trimester, perhaps earlier, you will notice your boobs start to grow. For some this may be a novel welcome, I for one was delighted with my new shape, however for others this is an additional hindrance to daily life. It is recommended to protect the delicate tissue around the breast that you avoid wearing underwired bras. So finding comfortable and supportive sports bras can help keep your shape and are much kinder to your skin too if your psoriasis appears around your chest. They are not the most attractive of garments but this is one time comfort definitely trumps style so close to your delicate skin. I would recommend these High Impact Non-Wired Sports Bras from Marks and Spencer

Linzi sports bra marks and spencers

To ensure your breasts are supported at all times and make you feel as comfortable as possible, it might be an idea to invest in a couple of sleep bras to wear at night too. Never being well endowed with a large chest, I was over the moon to finally need to wear a bra at night. Again they are not the prettiest of attire but they sure are comfy and the ones I chose from ASOS were made of super soft material which was very kind to my skin. When my skin flared I even took to wearing these bras throughout the day as they were so soft. My ritual at night was to slather on my moisturiser and bump butter, get my sleep bra on, my long sleeved pyjamas to cover up while I dried and grabbed my pregnancy books to swat up. Best thing about these ASOS sleep bras is they come in a pack of 2 and a choice of colours; grey and white or nude and black so you are getting value for your money.

Linzi sleep bra ASOS

I have always loved my pyjamas and being cosy in bed. Full length trousers and a long sleeved top (usually stolen from my husband) have always been my number 1 choice for comfort and sparing my sheets from getting covered in emollients and coal tar. But as bump grew and I started to think about what to wear in the hospital I started to look to night dresses. I still felt cosy and the Danskin ones I bought from TK Maxx are the softest material ever. They are so kind to my psoriasis and buying them in much bigger sizes ensured they didn’t stick to my skin or restrict my movements, there was plenty of room for me and bump. They also had a low v-neck, so in the bigger size, there is enough give to pull the front down and hopefully they will be stretchy enough for nursing and they will last beyond pregnancy. Another long term option is looking for nightdresses which button at the front. This top tip will mean they can be worn for skin-to-skin and nursing whilst still allowing you to keep some modesty. And if you can, go for a darker colour or heavily patterned shirt; this could save embarrassment in the hospital or early days of recovering, white and pale pastels will not be your friend. Need I say more? This Checked Woven Nightshirt from Tesco F&F ticks all the right boxes.

Linzi tesco nightdress

A key piece in my maternity wardrobe have definitely been my maternity leggings in plain black. You can choose to get leggings that go over your bump or sit under it. I found the ones that go over my bump much more comfortable and in the morning if I needed a quick layer of moisturiser the leggings acted like an extra barrier to keep my moisturised skin away from my top or dress. Leggings become much easier to wear than tights and if you suffer from psoriasis on your legs, this is a comfortable way of covering up. These H & M Over-the-bump MAMA leggings are a must have!

Linzi H and M maternity

When I wasn’t wearing my leggings, I lived in my maternity jeans. These became a necessity once bump (and bum) could no longer squeeze into my normal jeans. I embraced this and I didn’t wallow for too long, I promise. I chose these jeans which proved to be very soft and gentle on the skin. There was plenty of stretch which ensured they stayed comfy no matter how much I stretched them. The attached belly band which goes over your bump was a lovely soft jersey material and never irritated my psoriasis. The genius hack about these jeans is the belly band can actually be removed so that once your precious bundle arrives, the jeans last you beyond your 9 months. That is if you haven’t worn them to a state of holy ruin like I have. Bandia Maternity Over The Bump Skinny Jean With Removable Bump Band from ASOS Maternity were a winner.

  Linzi ASOS Bandia jeans

If you don’t want to stretch the budget to include a pair of maternity jeans and you are lucky enough to still get into your pre-pregnancy jeans or trousers then it’s a good idea to buy some belly bands such as these ones from Boohoo Maternity. These can be used to cover your waistband as it gets lower and lower without flashing any skin. It also means you don’t have to fully button up your jeans, you can use a hair bobble to close the button and give you more leeway in your waistband. They are also really comfy against your itchy bump as it stretches and being so cheap you won’t mind getting them covered in moisturiser.

Linzi bump band

Having a baby can mean a lot of spending, a lot! Travel systems, cribs, car seats can all start to seem a little daunting if you are on a budget. So if you are trying to be clever with your money Seraphine have a super maternity bundle. It may seem pricey, but for 4 items (plus a free canvas bag) which can be dressed up or down, these items quickly become investment pieces in your wardrobe which can be worn for any occasion. The Bump Kit comes in 4 styles – London, Paris, Milan and New York. I personally chose the London style because the dress was long sleeved and the vest had straps so it could be worn more as an undergarment. Each Bump Kit includes a dress, a vest, a skirt and a pair of leggings which you buy in your pre-pregnancy size. I wore the dress throughout the summer with kimonos and different jackets to change the look. The vest came in handy to wear pre-pregnancy tops without showing off any skin. The leggings were a sturdy material and always felt much more high-end compared to my other stretchy cotton ones. The body-con skirt in my London kit was worn with t-shirts tucked in for a day look and with smarter tops and heels for a night time style. The material was soft enough on my skin and non-irritating, definitely something to invest in early on in your pregnancy to get the wear out of all the items.

Linzi Seraphine London bump kit

Whatever you choose to wear, don’t worry about any ‘fashion rules’. Wear comfortable clothes to help you get through each day, if that means spending 9 months in your pyjamas then so be it, when else will you have the perfect excuse?

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