Wearing your hair up with psoriasis

Wearing your hair up with psoriasis

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When you have scalp psoriasis, you can feel limited with what you can or cannot do with your hair. Plus, if your psoriasis extends beyond your hairline onto your forehead, neck or ears you may feel that the only option is to wear your hair down in order to avoid irritation and showing off your psoriasis.

I have put together some tips that are simple, yet effective. I hope that following them will help you to style your hair and care for your scalp to ensure that every day is a good hair day!

Low pony tail

Tip One – It’s all in the preparation

Using the right products and prepping your hair properly before putting your hair up is vital to keeping your scalp itch free throughout the day. If you are using the wrong shampoo and conditioner or even the wrong hair ties, these could both contribute to being uncomfortable.

When washing your hair, I would suggest using either a prescription shampoo if that’s what your doctor recommends, or a product which can be bought over the counter which will allow you to tackle the scales of your psoriasis from the get go. This will mean your scalp is less likely to be irritated and itchy when you start to style it.

When wearing my hair up, I like to use products such as Invisibobble hair ties instead of regular hair ties as I find they do not pull at my hair as much. As the Invisibobble does not pull my hair as tightly it means that the pressure on my scalp is lessened. I find that less pressure on my scalp means that my psoriasis is less irritated, which in turn means I don’t feel the need to scratch or rub leaving my hair a little bit more flake free.

Bonus Tip! Make sure not to use too much product in your hair. Using too much product could irritate your scalp and cause extra, unnecessary irritation. If you have hair that just cannot be tamed without product, you could try using organic or natural products to see if this makes a difference for you.

Hair products

Tip Two – Wear it up, wear it loose

If you have an occasion or just fancy doing something with your hair other than wearing it down, the best thing to do is find a loose hairstyle that you love.

Wearing your hair up in a tight style with lots of hair product such as hairspray or kerbie grips will just cause more irritation and could mean you have items sitting directly on top of psoriasis areas. By avoiding this you will be able to spend your day or night enjoying yourself and not worrying about wanting to itch your scalp off!

If you are really self-conscious, wearing your hair low, relaxed and in a loose bun is also a great way to hide psoriasis that can appear around the ears and neck. This allows you to not worry about your psoriasis being on show and also means that your skin will not be irritated.

If you are going to a wedding or special occasion and want to wear something a little fancier than just a bun, add a wide, lived-in looking braid at the front, add a twist to your low bun or, depending on how bad your psoriasis is, add an accessory like a clip or headband.

Low bun

Tip Three – Get someone to put it up for you

If you decide to go to a professional hairdresser to put your hair up for you, they will know how to put your hair into an impressive updo without causing irritation or damaging your scalp. Though hairdressers can sometimes be a little expensive, it is worth the money if you have a big event coming up.

Explain to your hairdresser where your psoriasis is and if you know of any products that may irritate or cause distress to your psoriasis. This will allow them to come up with an updo that will not only suit you, but will mean you can enjoy your event without having to worry about your scalp being irritated or your psoriasis being on show!

Hopefully these tips will help you out with your hair styling when it comes to everyday life or your big night out.

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