Travelling and psoriasis

Travel and psoriasis

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Earlier this year I went travelling around China for two weeks. I set off with three friends and visited the cold northern city of Beijing, flew down to the smoggy mountains of Zhangjiajie before heading to the hot city of Chengdu. It was a trip of a lifetime, and I was so excited. Of course, a month before I jetted off, my psoriasis decided to flare. My excitement turned to dread as I wondered how I would handle a flare while living out of a backpack. Did I have enough of my prescription? Would I be able to take my skincare products? Would I need a doctor's note?

Below are the tips that I used on this trip to answer my above concerns and hopefully it may provide a few tips to help you when packing for a trip!

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Prepare weeks before you go

Preparing for your trip can help reduce travel anxiety, stress and the likelihood of flares. Often people have some concern about the travel process, so starting to plan early and being methodical will help manage your stress. Create a checklist to help plan your packing, including medications you need, products you can't go without and clothing that won't irritate your skin.

Get plenty of rest before you go and prep your skin to be in its best possible condition before you leave. Making sure I moisturised before I went really helped my skin be in the best condition it could be before I stepped on the plane.

Stay hydrated

Planes are one of the most dehydrating places ever! If you are flying, especially long-haul, make sure you have plenty of water for the flight as well as a good, hydrating moisturiser to put on every few hours.

Stick to your routine

When on holiday or while travelling, it can be tough to stick to the routine that you would typically keep at home. It is so important to remember to continue to take medication at the usual time as well as keeping your skincare routine up-to-date. If you fear you might forget then pop a reminder on your phone or put it beside your toothbrush so you just cannot forget!

It can also be tempting to ditch your skincare routine and being on the move all the time can mean you forget to hydrate! When on holiday or travelling, I like to simplify my skincare routine and take travel sized products with me to make my packing less bulky. If you have very specific needs in term of what products you use and the products don't come in travel size then buy some small travel bottles and transfer your normal products across so as not to upset your routine. I always make sure I carry water with me to keep hydrated and make a conscious effort to regularly apply my SPF.

Make sure you have enough of your prescription

If you are taking prescription medication from the doctor, make sure you have enough for your trip away before you go. You don't want to run out while you are away - that would be stressful. Holidays are meant to relax you, so make sure that you have everything you need before you go.

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Check the rules for the country you are going to

Some countries can be wary of you bringing in medication from other countries and will put restrictions on what you can and can't take in with you. It is always best to check this before you go to make sure you don't get into any bother once you are there. As a rule of thumb, I only take what I need and get a doctor's note if I need it. Which brings me on to my next tip.

Get a doctor's note!

If you have lots of medication that you really need to take with you but are fearful of getting it through security in your little hand luggage case or are worried that the country you are going to might question the medication you have, then make sure you ask your doctor for a note before you go. This is especially important if you are using any medication that requires injection. I would always recommend putting your medicines into your hand luggage. You never know when you might need it, and it gives you peace of mind, knowing you will definitely have your medication in case your main luggage gets lost.

A doctors note will allow you to take all the medication you need without worrying about it getting taken off you before you board. Another worry ticked off the list to enable you to relax from the second you start your holiday!

Hopefully, these tips will help you pack for your next trip away and allow you to relax before you even open the suitcase. Have a great trip!

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