Top 5 Winter Tips for Psoriasis

Top 5 winter skincare tips

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Winter is tough at the best of times. The nights draw in quicker and there are not many hours of daylight. The weather gets colder, damper and even more miserable. You wear a million layers expecting it to be freezing then spend your day carrying around said layers because today was the one day it was slightly warmer. You catch my drift, we have all been there. 

Winter can be especially tough if you have a skin condition such as psoriasis. With the colder weather your already dry skin can become dryer and the psoriasis patches just seem to crack and spread a little quicker. 

In this post, I am going to share with you my top five tried and tested tips to help you, your skin and your psoriasis survive the winter months. 

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1. Hydrate, Hydrate Some More Then Hydrate Again 

It is so important to keep yourself hydrated at all times (winter or not). This means hydration inside and out and is particularly important during the colder months. 

During the winter, I prefer to use a heavy duty yet lightweight and incredibly hydrating moisturiser called Cetraben to ensure my skin is happy all day long. I love this moisturiser, which can be bought over the counter at your local pharmacy. It comes in a handy handbag sized tube meaning no matter where you are or where you are headed you can always carry it with you. Though super hydrating it does not leave my skin feeling greasy nor does it leave my skin looking super shiny.

My final hydration tip is drink plenty of water! I know this one sounds super easy and simple but it is the one that is the easiest to fall through the cracks. Hydration starts from the inside and your body is 60% water so keep drinking! It is just as important to drink water in the winter as it is in the summer and is necessary to keep your body hydrated and moisturised! 

2. Your Skincare Regime is More Important Than Ever!

During the winter months, you skin can become drier due to increased artificial heating, harsh winds and cold weather. By keeping up your skincare regime it will nourish your skin and help not only to hydrate (like we covered in tip one) but also keep your skin in a routine. This will stop the skin around your psoriasis from drying out extensively and will also help with keeping pesky blemishes away! 

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3. Re-think your Make-Up

Another tip I have for during the winter is to use a CC cream instead of foundation. Personally, I try to wear nothing but moisturiser on cold, winters days however I know that some people feel uncomfortable doing so and in this case a CC cream is best. CC creams are a great product which is between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation. They are known for giving great coverage and an airbrushed look. CC creams are also super lightweight on the skin so it feels like you have nothing on your face! Plus, CC creams also have the added benefit of helping breakout or acne-prone skin (like mine) and are great for colour correcting (it is in the name after all).

My favourite CC Cream is Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream by It Cosmetics with SPF 50+ (loved by various fashion and beauty bloggers). This colour-correcting cream provides full face coverage and protects skin with SPF 50+ (because even on the dampest day in Scotland you still need some sun cream). Plus, this It Cosmetics product helps to increase hydration, smooth texture, and enhance brightness. Just what you need for your psoriasis or other skin condition! 

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4. Watch What You Are Wearing

In the winter, it can be so tempting to buy all the knitwear that’s available (I know this from personal experience) however this can be bad and incredibly irritating for your skin. Fabrics, such as wool, may be super cosy and great for keeping you warm but they can also irritate psoriasis or damaged skin causing it to become itchy and aggravating your condition. Look for knitwear with cotton blends that will help soothe your skin! 

Another thing to watch out for in winter is the kind of layers you are popping on. Yes, layering is an incredibly fashionable autumn/winter trend but for psoriasis suffers it might not be worth it. If you layer too much with the wrong type of clothing you could end up overheating and sweating which could further irritate your skin or psoriasis. Make sure if you do want to layer up that your layers are soft materials that can be easily removed if you find yourself getting too warm. 

5. Monitor Your Diet 

Over the winter months it is easy to overlook your diet in favour of Christmas goodies and after work drinks! Workmates bring in snacks, home baking and Christmas cake meaning it’s easy to forget to drink plenty of water and remember to eat our veggies! I’m not saying don’t partake (after all I would be the first at the bar) but do watch what you are consuming - everything in moderation! 

Hopefully these tips will help see you and your psoriasis through the winter months!  

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