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In 2017 just under 2.5 billion people used social media.

Social media is fast becoming part of everyday life and a place where people go for news, information and help. In fact, the top three content marketing tactics are social media content, blogs, and email newsletters. So, you have lots of choice in terms of what content you want to read and interact with.

In this article, I will help you through the mountains of content on social media and how social media can help with your psoriasis!

Social Media, Psoriasis and I:

When I was first diagnosed with Psoriasis, I had no idea what the condition was. The first thing I did when I got home was of course google Psoriasis. 13.8million results flashed up in 0.43seconds which is a lot of information to wade through! Instead of looking at all the pages, I decided to turn to Instagram.

On Instagram, I found a few photos of beautiful people who also had psoriasis. I noticed that no one was showing their facial psoriasis but it felt good to know that I was not alone on this journey. After diagnoses of psoriasis, I didn’t post full photos of my face for a long time. I would always cut half my face out, cover my psoriasis in makeup or hide my psoriasis behind my long side-fringe.

In 2015, I decided not to hide my skin anymore and posted my first photo of my facial psoriasis. My psoriasis was uncovered and there for everyone to see, no fringe to hide behind and no makeup covering the patches on my forehead. I was overwhelmed by the response and to be honest, I still am every time I post a photo of my psoriasis.

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When I first posted the photo, I remember someone messaging me to say that they had never seen someone with facial psoriasis post on social media before and that it made them feel better. It made me realise how important it is to share the photos of our skin. I get so much love and positivity from the community, it makes me love my psoriasis and at times when I have been down and my mental health has not been great because of psoriasis, it has made me feel better about myself and my skin. It can help you with how you feel about your skin too!

Get Involved in the Community:

The reason I shared that story with you is because I believe that the online psoriasis community is a great and very positive place for psoriasis warriors! The first bit of advice I give to anyone who is newly diagnosed is to get involved in the community.

That does not always mean sharing photographs of your skin as not everyone is comfortable with that. You get involved by speaking with other psoriasis warriors on social media, commenting on their photos or articles or maybe sharing some articles that you have enjoyed reading and feels others will too.

However, you want to get involved in the community, do it! I have made some great friends through the community and it is amazing how many people you will meet who understand exactly what you are going through and can relate to your condition a lot.

The community is also a great way to get emotional support for your psoriasis. Many people don’t understand the psoriasis or the associated conditions that can come with it. It is a great way to learn how others manage their condition as well as get tips and ideas from people who deal with the condition every day!

Don’t Believe Everything You Read!:

As much as there is a lot of positivity in the psoriasis community, I would also warn that you are careful about believing everything you read. A lot of people will talk about what works for them and their psoriasis which is great – but remember, everyone’s psoriasis is different and what works for one person’s psoriasis might not work for you.

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There is also a number of articles online which claim to know the ‘cure’ for psoriasis. Online publications like to use the word ‘cure’ as click bait so people will read these articles when in reality we know that it will be a product that has worked well on one person’s skin or a new medication that has been released. It is important to try and not get too excited when we see these headings as, unfortunately, we know that there is currently no cure for psoriasis

I hope this article helps you to navigate psoriasis on social media and look forward to meeting you online soon.

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