Shaving and waxing with psoriasis

Shaving and waxing with psoriasis

I will admit it, I am not a big fan of body hair. I spend quite a bit of time and money on ensuring that my skin is smooth and hair free. When I first got psoriasis, I found shaving or waxing my skin would irritate my psoriasis, cause a massive flare up and make my skin one hundred times more itchy and red than it was before.

I knew there had to be some products out there that would allow me to remove unwanted hair from my body without causing irritation and redness. I found that for me, waxing was the way forward. Waxing means I don’t have to remove hair as frequently as I might have to with shaving and can also leave the skin looking smoother for longer. However, I am completely aware that waxing is not for everyone. Therefore, below are my top tips on how to remove hair from your body, by either shaving or waxing, without upsetting your psoriasis.

Shaving with psoriasis

When shaving, it is best to do it whilst you are in the shower. The hot water from the shower will allow hair to soften and your follicles to open up making shaving that little bit easier. It is best to take your time when shaving, especially with psoriasis. If you rush then you are more likely to cut yourself or irritate the skin. This can cause pain (cutting yourself whilst shaving is really sore!) but also gives psoriasis a chance to possibly flare or become really irritated, red and itchy – neither of these things are good especially if it is a nice, hot summers day and you want to show off that beautiful skin of yours!

Shaving in the shower

My biggest tip with shaving with psoriasis would be never, ever dry shave! If you are in a rush or run out of shaving foam just don’t do it – sorry, but a change in outfit is going to be much easier than the pain and irritation of dry shaving with psoriasis. Psoriasis or not, dry shaving can cause irritation, rashes and you are more likely to nip or cut the skin when dry shaving. If you do not have any shaving cream or foam to hand, lather up some soap and use that on your legs instead. Even when in the shower, just because you have water on your legs that does not mean you will be protected from the pain and irritation of dry shaving.

Some of my favourite products to use when shaving are from Lush, in particular the Dirty shaving cream. Lush steep the oats in hot water to produce oat milk, which is very soothing on irritated skin, they then add shea butter and safflower oil, which sink easily into the skin and don’t leave it feeling greasy. Finally honey, with its pacifying and softening qualities, is added in there to take the sting out of shaving – what more could you want from a shaving cream?

Lush Dirty Shaving Cream

Waxing with psoriasis

Waxing is definitely my preferred method of hair removal (Except from legs, I just can’t get my legs waxed!) It took me a long time to find a beauty salon which understood the complication that can sometimes come with waxing areas of skin with psoriasis and who knew the care my skin needed.

I always use hot wax when going to the beauticians to get rid of unwanted hair. Hot wax is applied in a thick layer and left to set and is gentler on the skin because the heat allows the hair follicle to open up before the wax is peeled off. Hot wax removes even the most stubborn hair and provides a superior finish leaving you hair free for weeks! However, I must add that hot wax can only be used on intimate areas such as underarms, bikini and facial hair!

Beeswax for psoriasis waxing

My salon also uses a natural beeswax which is gentler on the skin and leaves my skin less irritated afterwards.

My biggest tip when getting waxed with psoriasis is to be open and honest with your beautician. They have been trained to deal with and wax people with all types of skin conditions. When I started going to my beauticians, I phoned up and explained I had psoriasis but still wanted to be waxed if possible. They said yes and that I should go to a certain woman as she had the most training and experience with psoriasis. It may be scary to call and be so open but it is better to do so than to have irritated and annoyed skin!

I hope these tips help you with both shaving and waxing areas of your body which have psoriasis and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth!

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