Packing for psoriasis

Packing for psoriasis

Any chance I get I am off exploring somewhere new with my friends. Whether it be off to explore a new town in Scotland, a sight-seeing city break to Europe or even a new country in another continent altogether! Last year, my journeys took me as far as Lahore, Pakistan.

I am constantly booking up to go somewhere new and if I’m not booking up to go somewhere new I am usually travelling around Scotland with work. This means packing for trips has become quite a big part of my life and luckily I have picked up some handy tips and tricks along the way.

Packing for holiday with psoriasis

When I am packing for these trips my excitement of getting away for a few days can turn into dread as I think about packing all of the items I need for my psoriasis. What will I wear that looks good on me but won’t irritate my skin? Will my medications and psoriasis life savers all fit into my hand luggage and be under 100ml? Will I even have any room left in my hand luggage to fit my medication in as well as clothing and all my other bits if I can’t take a hold bag?

If you have ever had or felt the same dread when packing for your trips away, then fear not. Below I share all of my handy tips and tricks to make packing for your dream getaway easy – with or without psoriasis!

Keep it simple

When packing for my holidays and trips away, even work trips, I like to keep it simple with my clothing choices. I go for comfy clothes, as I usually spend my days exploring, that are loose fitted and will not cling to my skin or irritate my psoriasis in any way, shape or form.

Most travel sites or people giving travel packing advice for people with psoriasis would say to choose to wear light clothing in order to hide or make flakes look less noticeable. As someone who wears a lot of black and pushing my colour palette to greys during the summer months, I say wear whatever colours you like on holiday and make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing.

There is nothing worse than wearing something that makes your feel insecure, especially on holiday when you are meant to be relaxing!

How to pack if you have psoriasis

Stick to your routine

When on holiday it can be really hard to stick to the routine that you would normally keep at home. It is so important to remember to continue to take medication at the usual time as well keep you skin care routine up-to-date. If you fear you might forget then set an alarm to remind you or pop it beside your toothbrush so you just cannot forget!

When on holiday abroad in hot countries, it is also really important to keep applying sun cream! The last thing you want is to get sunburnt and cause more irritation to your already irritated skin. Plus, sunburn on top of psoriasis is not how anyone wants their holiday to end up!

Miniatures are your saviour!

Miniatures are great for popping into your hand luggage to ensure you have all of your favourite products within short reach at all times. This means that you can ensure your skin is kept moisturised with your favourite products that you know are not going to cause further irritation to your psoriasis.

Miniatures for psoriasis

Get a doctor’s note

If you have lots of medication that you really need to take with you but are fearful of getting it through security in your little hand luggage case, make sure you ask your doctor for a note before you go. This is especially important if you are using any medication that requires injection. I would always recommend putting your medication into your hand luggage. You never know when you might need it and it gives you piece of mind knowing you will definitely have your medication in case your main luggage gets lost in transit.

This will allow you to take all the medication you need without worrying about it getting confiscated before you board! Another worry ticked off the list to allow you to relax from the second you start your holiday. Hopefully these tips will help you pack for your next trip away and allow you to relax before you even open the suitcase!

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