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My top tips for facial psoriasis

Facial psoriasis

Any type of psoriasis can be tough to manage at the best of times when you are having a flare up, but having a flare up of psoriasis on your face can be even more difficult to manage. You are limited with the products you can use on your face, body and even your hairline to ensure nothing gets into the psoriasis or causes irritation. Plus, you can’t hide the psoriasis on your face, which can lead you to feeling self-conscious and down.

Since my facial psoriasis hasn’t cleared fully in over three years, I have managed to find a range of products that I can use without causing irritation as well as picked up some helpful tips to keep my facial psoriasis under control.

Tip #1 – Always Remove your Makeup!

I have to admit that at the beginning of my facial psoriasis journey I was so bad for coming home late or after a night out and not removing every single inch of my makeup! I would fall asleep with my makeup on and wake up to irritated, red skin with foundation clinging on to my psoriasis, which would only come off after a good scrubbing with a makeup wipe – ouch! This process left my skin even more irritated and sore – at times it would even cause bleeding as my psoriasis would be removed due to the makeup being stuck to it and excessive scrubbing with a wipe!

I quickly learnt that makeup must be removed before you go to sleep to avoid irritation and redness the next morning. I also decided to swap my nightly routine of using facial wipes, which could sometimes cause irritation due to ingredients, for cotton pads and micellar water. I have found that using micellar water has caused less irritation and reduces the redness of my psoriasis in the morning when I wake up due to the lack of rubbing which can come with using makeup wipes. As well as effectively removing makeup, micellar water also hydrates your skin, which is always a plus for those with psoriasis!

Micellar water

Tip #2 – Get A Skincare Routine

You may think that just because you have facial psoriasis you can’t have a morning and evening skincare routine. You are wrong! I firmly believe that having a morning and evening skincare routine is important, as you need to keep your psoriasis as well as the rest of your skin cleansed, fresh and hydrated.

After trying various different brands and products, I recently started using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish set. I use the cleanser in the evening leaving my skin soft and hydrated before applying my own psoriasis specific moisturiser. I remove the cleanser using the muslin cloth provided with the set, which is super soft on your skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth! I tend to only use the toner, which comes with the set, once or twice a week and not on any open psoriasis as this can cause irritation.

Skincare with psoriasis

Tip #3 - Watch Your Diet

Diet can be so important when it comes to a flare up. I find that watching what you eat during a flare-up and ensuring you are giving your body the nutrients it needs can help to ease a flare-up and the irritation that can come with one. When dealing with my facial psoriasis, I ensure I am drinking plenty of water and green tea to help my skin glow as well as keep my psoriasis from going deep red. Keeping your skin hydrated on the inside, as well as out, allows your skin and psoriasis to be less dry. I also try to up the amount of fruits and vegetables I am eating as well as watching how much ‘junk’ food I am consuming.

If possible, and I know this is not an option for everyone, I would recommend going to see a local dietician or nutritionist to see what foods could be affecting your skin and causing flare-ups. When I visited the nutritionist I discovered that dairy products were effecting my skin and causing not only psoriasis but also ucticaria and acne. After giving up dairy for six months, I have seen a huge difference in my psoriasis. My skin is less red and irritated as well as being smoother and easier to manage on a day-to-day basis.

Gluten free products psoriasis

Hopefully these easy to follow tips will help you manage your facial psoriasis on a daily basis and allow you to feel better and more confident in your skin.

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