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About me

Hello, I’m Jude! I am 27 and from live in Glasgow, Scotland. I was first officially diagnosed with facial Psoriasis aged 21 but over the years my psoriasis spread other parts of my body and become severe. In 2018 I was also diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis.

At the start of my journey I got really upset about my psoriasis, which had a major negative effect on my mental health. As someone who has depression and anxiety it become a constant vicious cycle of being down about my skin which made my skin getting increasingly worse resulting in my mental health getting worse. I knew that this was not good and tried my best to feel better about my immune-mediated condition.

I started to think that I couldn’t be the only person out there with psoriasis and after a quick search on social media I realised there was a whole host of beautiful people out their championing psoriasis and how each psoriasis warrior is so much more than how their skin looks.

When I posted the first photo of my psoriasis and shared my journey with the world, I was overwhelmed with the positive response. I started to feel better about my skin and the way I felt about my psoriasis changed. I realised if it made me feel better then maybe if I was more open about my story, it could help other people feel better. At that point, I decided that I needed to talk more about my psoriasis journey, focusing on my facial psoriasis.

I decided that I wanted to share my journey mainly on Instagram, giving that visual and more personal feel, as well as speaking more in-depth about psoriasis through my blog, I talked about what it is like living with psoriasis in your early 20s especially with having psoriasis somewhere a visible as your face. I also now talk about being in my 20s with Arthritis – something that people are shocked by and definitely has a stigma around it! No topic is off limits in terms of what I wanted to share and discuss on my blog with my readers.

Compared to others I know that my psoriasis journey has been incredibly short. However, over that short, but severe, journey with psoriasis I have tried many treatments, medicinal and non-medicinal, changes to my diet and multiple products promising all sorts. The most important thing for me is to share ways people could keep those usual regimes, such as skincare and makeup, without irritating their psoriasis.

My motto is life is that I am ‘living with, not defined by!’ I constantly remind myself of this for all of my conditions. I am more than how I look, my skin, my immune-mediated conditions, my invisible illness and my mental health conditions. They are part of me, but they in no way shape or form define me.


Jude’s blog posts

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