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Detracting from psoriasis

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Have you got psoriasis? Well, I don't know about you but I have found that living with the condition has at times really knocked my confidence and self-esteem. So a way that helps me feel better and more confident being in my skin is trying to find ways in which I can detract the attention away from my psoriasis. Even if it is just little things for myself. It’s important to find ways to make you feel great about yourself.

Here are some of the things I do to detract the attention from my psoriasis:

1. Exercise

I am definitely in no way a gym expert nor am I in amazing shape, and most of the time, I don’t even know what I’m doing in the gym! But exercising makes me feel good about myself and gives me motivation. Working towards getting into a shape that I’m more happy with has definitely helped in some way detract my attention from my psoriasis. It’s also boosted my confidence and I find exercising is a great stress relieving mechanism.

2. Jewellery

This is another way I like to take the attention away from my psoriasis. My looks usually involve big colourful statement earrings, especially in the summer; I love to add bold colours to my outfits. This will help to detract the eye and attention away from my psoriasis.

3. Accessories

This follows on from point 2, other things like neck scarves and headbands work well to detract psoriasis attention. When my psoriasis was severe on my face, I used to accessorise my face with stylish glasses, as I felt this would take the attention away from my affected nose and cheeks.

4. Changing up my hair

This has been a recent hype for me and I’ve been experimenting with new hair colours! Currently, I’ve been dying my hair purple! But this is another funky way from taking the attention away from your skin. (Note: if you do suffer with scalp psoriasis, please do get medical advice and  discuss with your hairdresser before you go ahead with dyeing your hair).

In addition to this, you could change your hairstyle. A few years ago, I had got a fringe when my hairline and forehead psoriasis was really bad. Personally, I also find having shorter length hair helps when my scalp psoriasis has flared up, as it’s just easier to maintain with the flaking. 

5. Getting my nails done

Getting my nails done is another way to help detract the attention from my psoriasis. Especially as I have minor nail psoriasis too (check out one my older blog posts on nail psoriasis), it helps give my nails a better appearance and just generally makes me feel good about myself which is half the battle won!

6. Make up

I don’t tend to wear heavy make up and although I can’t completely cover my psoriasis with make up, because of the flakiness, make up can help to improve the appearance of it and cover up the redness. And I’m not just talking about the face; this applies to the body too. There are a lot of camouflage/ body make up that you can use to improve appearance of any body pigments and scarring. Always do your research and ensure the products you use are suitable for your sensitive skin.

7. Style and fashion

Choose and tailor a fashion style that will make you the most happy and comfortable in your skin. For me, I like to dress myself in high neck dresses and tops. It’s not because I want to cover my psoriasis in those areas. It’s just a style that I feel more myself in. I tend to stay away from clothes that show too much of my back. When it comes to trousers, I like to wear things that will stand out a little, such as strips or patterns. If you’re not confident in having your psoriasis on show, find styles that will help allow you more coverage. In the summer, I find midi dresses the perfect solution to stay with the trend, but also allowing me some coverage.

It’s crazy that small suggestions can make the biggest steps towards helping you feel better in your skin and I hope some of things that work for me, will help you too.

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