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The new normal

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The past few months has forced so many changes to our lives, as we are settling and adapting to this ‘new normal’. I would like to share with you my journey and some things that I have found useful along the way.

In all honesty it’s been a weird one, and a journey that I am still getting used to. I thought this ‘downtime’ would do wonders for my psoriasis, but in actual fact my psoriasis has been flaring up, especially on my face. I’m still not quite sure why that is. It could be due to a number of changes, such as daily routine, being stuck at home, temperatures changes and diet – which have all changed a lot since being home.

I have been trying a few things in order to help manage my psoriasis and to minimise further flaring of my skin. Even though the world around has been extremely chaotic and stressful, I think it’s still really important to stay positive. I know it is easier said than done. I am also guilty of having moments of panic and feeling overwhelmed and anxious, but I really want to make the most of the time we have now.

Here are main things that have helped me:

1. Stick to a routine

To try to normalise things as best we can, I think it’s helpful to have a routine. I know my psoriasis hates change, so I’ve been trying to stick to a routine which includes my pre-lockdown life habits, although with work-life and home-life blurring into one, this can be difficult. For example, I try to keep my lunchtime hour to when I would usually have it at work and try to stick to my normal working hours although, I understand this won’t work for everyone.

2. Prioritise your skin care

The new working from home life means I can spend more time to giving my skin some tender love and care. I am able to prioritise my skins needs, moisturise and apply the necessary products as often as I can.

When I was in the office, I was always struggling to keep my skin moisturised, particularly areas like my legs and stomach, which were always covered up. Now I can plan my skin treatments and product application around my work, which is amazing! My face only had limited amounts of moisturising too as treatment application was always so restricted, as I had it combine it with my make-up application. I’ve also been using this time to do some research into different types of products and trialing them to perfect my skincare routine.

3. Try to manage your stress

My psoriasis is highly sensitive to stress and is easily aggravated by it, so it’s particularly important for me that I manage my stress levels. For me, dealing with stress has been something that I have been actively trying to manage for many years through different types of techniques and it is an on-going process. For me, I found certain hobbies really help me to keep focused and calm, such as baking, reading and exercising. And I have really been using this time to make the most of it. I’ve been using this time to catch up on a lot of books that I have been pending on my list. I’ve also been trying to go for walks, as and when I can. This really helps to clear my mind and mood.

4. Stay connected with the psoriasis network

During these unprecedented times and going through lockdown, it can feel particularly lonely and isolating, so I would always encourage opening up and talking about your psoriasis, if needed. Get involved with the psoriasis network around you. Social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, are a great way to get involved. Read posts by the QualityCareTM bloggers, and Psoriasis Association are constantly provided their services and sharing tips on how to deal with various aspects of dealing with psoriasis during the lockdown period.

I hope that these tips can also help you during the next stage of your lockdown journey. Keep well and keep safe.

MAT-35897 July 2020

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