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Moisturisers and psoriasis

Moisturiser and psoriasis

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Having psoriasis, you’ll know that it is extremely important to keep your skin moisturised as often as you can. Moisturising your psoriasis helps reduce itchiness and the build up of scales and flakes. However, finding the right type of moisturiser for your psoriasis can be difficult and challenging, and can take some time. Through a process of trial and error in accordance with the advice of my doctor, I think I’ve found the types of moisturisers that work well for my skin. In this blog post, I will share the different types of moisturisers I have used. But it’s also important to remember that not everyone’s psoriasis works in the same way and this blog is written very much from my own personal experience. Always talk to you healthcare professional before trying anything new.

Types of moisturisers:

There are so many different types of moisturisers available for sensitive skin, such as creams, lotions, emollients and gels. The type of moisturiser you use can depend on many factors, such as where you will be applying the moisturiser, what consistency you want, the time of year (i.e. winter or summer) or the time of day, and also where you are. Below is a summary of some of the types available.

Creams - I find creams to be perfect all-rounders and find that they work well on all areas of the body. For me, they are generally quick and easy to apply and are easy to rub into your skin which means that I find I can apply them when I am out and about. They also have great consistency to allow your skin to stay moisturised for a lengthy period of time. Personally, my psoriasis plaques tend to love creams being massaged into them. They greatly help to keep my skin supple, especially around my elbows and knees. I find creams are particularly suitable for the colder months as I find my skin dries up a lot quicker in the winter.

Lotions - Lotions work similarly to creams. The consistency is a little runnier than creams are, which I find requires more product to be absorbed into my plaques to keep them moisturised. Again, like creams, lotions can be applied to psoriasis any where on your body and any time of day. In my experience lotions are better suited for the hotter months of the year. 

Emollients and Oils - I find emollients and oils really help with inflammation and loosening up my plaques. Emollients and oils are great moisturisers to apply after you’ve had a shower and their greasy application works really well on widespread areas of psoriasis. I have been using oils for my psoriasis for a few years now and I find it helps reduce the inflammation of my plaques and scale build-up. I particularly use oils for my scalp psoriasis, as it’s easier to apply through my hair than creams or other forms of moisturisers. You can also apply oils to the rest of your body. However, as they are greasy, it’s best to apply at night. I usually apply before I go to sleep, or when I haven’t got much planned. You don’t really want to go out covered in greasy oil or grease-stained clothes! 

My routine:

Throughout my day, I tend to use all the different types of moisturisers that I have mentioned in this blog post. To begin with, my day usually starts at 6am and most likely in the mornings I’m in a rush, so I use a thick cream to keep my skin moisturised for as long as possible. I also apply cream to my face, which helps keep my face moisturised so that make up application is easier too. Throughout the day, I will frequently moisturise the parts of my psoriasis that are on show or accessible. This helps me reduce scratching and flaking at work. In the evenings, before I have showered, I will apply coconut oil to my scalp psoriasis. I usually apply this a little while before showering and then I can wash the grease out of my hair. After showering, I normally apply an emollient and then before going to sleep, I will apply cream again, to reduce irritation during my sleep. 

My biggest moisturising top tip!

Keep pocket sizes of your favourite moisturiser everywhere! I quite literally have them everywhere – my bedside table, my handbag, in my car and on my work desk. I’ll never miss an opportunity to moisturise my skin.

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