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Three of our fantastic bloggers have shared what this years 'I’m more than my skin' campaign means to them and why the world should look beyond the superficial symptoms, to see the person behind their psoriasis:

"World Psoriasis Day and "I'm more than my skin" means so much to me because I am so much more than a diagnosis. This my red, flaky scalps may be what people see, what they don't know is that I am fighting every day. Fighting through pain, and mental illness. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend, a student, a blogger and most of all, a human. I am more than my skin and my diagnosis. I am me."  

By Emma Townley

World psoriasis day 1

"For a long time, my psoriasis was a burden on my life. I hid from mirrors, hid from photos, and hid behind long sleeved tops and lots of make up to make myself seem 'normal' to other people. I longed for 'normal' skin. All I wanted was to look beautiful like all the other girls at school with normal skin. I once heard someone describe me as "the girl with that weird skin condition, the girl with psoriasis", as if it was a way to define who I was. It broke me that people only knew me for my 'weird skin condition', and it hurt to know that to some people that's all I was. Worst of all, for a long time I believed them - all I was was the girl with psoriasis. I knew no one else with psoriasis. No one knew what it was. When meeting new people they would always ask about why my skin was different before asking me anything else. I felt ugly, different, and like an outsider.

World Psoriasis Day for me is so important. If I could show my 13-year-old self I was not alone in my psoriasis journey, I probably wouldn't have felt so alienated growing up. World Psoriasis Day creates awareness to people about the condition and highlights to sufferers that they are not alone. Other people with psoriasis sharing their stories online helped me become the girl I am today. I have realised I am so much more than my skin. I am strong. I am confident. I am beautiful in my own skin."

By Poppy Challinor

World psoriasis day 3

"World Psoriasis Day is so important. Psoriasis is one of the most common unknown immune mediated condition. The phrase 'I am more than my skin' is so important. So many people feel down or ashamed because of psoriasis and how it makes them look. They are so much more than their skin, their skin and psoriasis are not their defining feature."

By Judith Duncan

World psoriasis day 4

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