Top tips for summer

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Here are some top tips for living well with psoriasis this summer.

1. Getting ready for summer – Treatment review time 

• Summer is the perfect time to book a psoriasis review appointment with your GP, nurse or dermatologist.
• Talk to your GP about your treatments – is there new one to try? Find one that works for you.

2. Planning your summer wardrobe 

• Look out for clothing that is comfortable, light to wear and made from fabric that won’t irritate your skin.
• If you don’t want to cover up, you don’t have to! It’s your body and your choice.

3. Summer exercise and getting back in the swim 

• Make the most of your summer evenings – walking or running in the fresh air may be beneficial for your psoriasis.
• If you enjoy swimming, don’t let your psoriasis hold you back.
• Speak to your doctor about how to best use emollients as part of your swimming routine on holiday.

4. Sunshine: Friend or foe 

• Follow the Sun Smart rules - protect your skin from sunburn by using a combination of shade, clothing and sunscreen. Ensure that you wear a minimum of factor 30. 
• Spend time in the shade between 11am and 3pm. 
• Ask your GP, dermatologist, nurse or local pharmacist about finding a sunscreen that will suit your skin.

5. Taking your treatments on holiday 

• Plan ahead and check how much of your treatments you will need to take away with you, whether you need a letter from a GP and what security restrictions the airline/ airport may have.
• Try not to skimp on treatments when on holiday, pack enough to last you. 
• Carry essential medication in your hand luggage.

6. Keeping your cool 

• Prevent overheating and try to expose yourself slowly to a new climate. 
• Keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water. 
• Keep your bedroom cool at night by using a fan.  

7. Bugs and bites 

• Ask your GP or pharmacist for the best insect repellents and treatments to manage bites 
• Try and stay covered at dawn and dusk 
• Try spraying insect repellent on to clothes/ nightwear/ bedding instead of directly on the skin, or use a plug in insect repellent

UK/IE MAT-19042. Date of preparation: August 2018

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