What colours to wear with psoriasis

What colours to wear with psoriasis

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As we are still in the depths of dark mornings, grey skies and black clouds, it can be difficult to imagine wearing anything other than black, grey or navy.  However, for those of us with psoriasis, these can be tricky colours to wear as invariably they tend to highlight the flakes caused by our skin condition.  By this I mean the rogue flakes that dust our shoulders as a result of psoriasis on the scalp or ears.   I have always advocated changing over to shades such as winter white, grey or taupe where possible, but this year the good news is that the spring/summer palette for 2018 is perfect for those of us who need a little camouflage.  If nothing else, this will make our shopping trips so much easier as we won’t need to embark on long searches to find clothes that will work for our needs.  

The fashion gods have decreed that the ‘in’ colours for the next few months will include pale blue, lilac/lavender and blush pink.  All very wearable shades and absolutely ideal for concealing any unwanted flaking that may occur.  To prove that these shades do not need to be confined to the warmer months of the year, I have found current stock all of which is eminently wearable now, but which will still work (and let’s face it, with our climate, we may need these warmer clothes for some time) as we move into spring and summer. 

Let us start with coats.  In a sea of dark colours, it is nice to stand out and make a statement and this Wool Blend Coat by Autograph for Marks & Spencer will do just that.  They call it lilac; I personally think it’s pale blue.  Gorgeous over a white shirt and denims, or chic over a black trousers and pale grey cashmere, this is a coat that will serve you for many occasions and for quite a few years to come. 

Marks and Spencer coat

If the pale blue is just a little too Queen Mother for you (or perhaps that’s just a personal foible) the Soft Crossover Coat from Zara is in the most gorgeous shade of blush pink.  Again this would add a stylish touch to a simple jeans and sweatshirt combo, but would also be perfect for more formal looks.  It’s also a great price, which is not to be sniffed at!

Zara coat

Moving onto jumpers now and this Crew Neck Sweater from Next is such a lovely piece.  The block colours are perfectly placed, with the paler shade on top and it is also a great layering piece to wear over a white or denim shirt.  A cotton and nylon mix, this jumper is sure to serve you well into the summer for those colder evenings when you need a more substantial top to pair with white jeans. 

Next Jumper

A really cosy alternative is this lilac Chunky Jumper in Oversized with V Neck from Asos. This would look great over navy or indigo denim right now, but again, as the temperatures rise somewhat, it would look fabulous teamed with white or pale wash jeans.

Asos Jumper

With the optimistic hope that blue skies and spring sunshine is on its way, this Zara Shirt with Faux Pearl and Velvet Trim Great to wear with jeans and a chunky cardigan.  Pair with a smart white blazer, or go for a more relaxed look by teaming with loose joggers and some trainers.  This is a great little shirt that will also serve you well during the warmer months if you want to conceal the psoriasis on your elbows.

Zara shirt

The Maison de Nimes Frill Back Shirt from House of Fraser has some added interest with the frill on the back and down the sleeves. Frills don’t show any sign of leaving the catwalks just yet and the good thing about this version, is that due to their placement, there is no danger of the frills adding unwanted bulk. Again this is a shirt that can be worn very casually as shown by the model, but could also be perfect for the office if paired with some smart trousers or a pencil skirt.

The rule of thumb is to find pale colours that won’t highlight any unwanted flaking. I know from experience that having visible psoriasis flakes on your shoulders can be embarrassing, so rather than spending your days endlessly brushing down your clothes (or perhaps that was just me!) it is so much easier to invest in clothes that will work with you and help you to present a polished front to the world. Happy Shopping!

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