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Summer parties may be fun for some but quite honestly they are nestled at the top of my ‘Events I Dread’ list, right beside Christmas parties and summer weddings.  OK, so perhaps I exaggerate, but there was certainly a time when such an event would fill my soul with horror!  The problem was always trying to find something to wear that was comfortable, appropriate and if at all possible, concealed my psoriasis so that it wasn’t the first thing people noticed.  After all, who wants to waste party time talking about or thinking about psoriasis?!

The good news is that this year the Fashion Gods have again been kind and there are lots of options for us to choose from.  For once, I’ve avoided the ubiquitous jumpsuit so you won’t even have to concern yourself with bathroom struggles!  This year, I’m offering the option of a dress or a trouser suit.  Being a creature of habit, I always gravitate towards trousers, but today I’m going to bring the dress centre stage and look at what is available.  And the answer is, quite a lot!  Better still, there are choices to suit every wallet, so whether you just want a one off party piece or an investment dress that will see you through many seasons, there is lots to look at.  Before I start, I should say that my suggestion for anyone whose skin is very angry and who really wants to fully conceal it, is to invest in a pair of white ankle boots (they are everywhere this summer) or brightly hued (pink perhaps?) sock boots. 

Starting at the lower end of the budget in H&M, and nothing says summer more than a nautical stripe!  This blue and white stripe wrap dress is wonderfully summery despite the long sleeves.  Pull up the collar, drape a selection of delicate, fine necklaces around your neck, add some white ankle boots and off you go!  This is also a great dress to add to your holiday collection; wear with flip flops or trainers for a day of sightseeing.
h and m skin dress sun summer

Photo: H&M

Staying with H&M for a look that is a little more daring and probably better suited to those of you who are taller; I give you the wrap dress. This is a very clever way to wear a dress but still remain completely covered up and if a full stripe is too much for you, the addition of a plain navy culotte or skinny trouser would work just as well.  

h and m wrap dress summer sun party
Photo: H&M

For something rather luxurious (and with a price tag to match) the dresses at Ganni are most definitely worth looking at.  Offering a huge variety of styles, prints and lengths, this is a great place to browse if you are looking for an investment piece that will work for anniversaries, weddings, christenings etc. The Dufort Silk Wrap Dress is just one example and although it’s teamed with white boots here, I think I’d prefer a dressier pink sock boot to complete the look. 

Psoriasis dress summer skin

Photo: Ganni

Staying with luxury and another site guaranteed to make you drool is Rixo London. This Gabriel – Bunch Floral dress is just one example of the many divine dresses that they have on offer.  This is such a gorgeous piece that you will feel wonderful wearing it and it will never even occur to anyone that you might be trying to conceal your skin! An investment piece, but worth it I think. 

rixo sun sunshine summer
Photo: Rixo London

And back down to earth with a thud we go as I bring you to Zara, which can always be relied upon to produce the goods when it comes to jackets.  This year, it’s all about the trouser suit, so for a party look, pair with a silk cami top or vest (both Zara and H&M are great for these) and some heels.  This first look, the Jacquard Trouser suit is really dressy and would be a great look for a party or wedding this summer.  

zara summer party sun
Photo: Zara

If you prefer something that will work a little harder in your wardrobe, this Pink Trouser Suitfrom Zara will do just that. Wear together with a vest top for a party look or wear as separates for a more casual vibe.  Team the blazer with a white top and grey trousers for the office, or add a tee, denim jacket and trainers to the pink trousers for a laid back summer look.  More options than you would imagine for this pink suit!

pink summer psoriasis skin sun
Photo: Zara

Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas for party wear this summer. Now all we need to hope is that the weather cooperates with our plans.  Happy partying!

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