Summer Holidays

Summer holidays with psoriasis

Summer Holidays. The best of times! The worst of times! Or at least, they can be, if you allow your psoriasis to get in the way of your enjoyment. This is the one time that I tell everyone to abandon all the rules of dressing around your skin condition. For most of us, the sun is a great natural treatment for psoriasis (but in the words of Baz Luhrman, ‘wear sunscreen’ – do not under any circumstances let your skin burn, as this can result in a huge psoriasis flare up). So wear that bikini, don that swimsuit, ignore the stares of others and go lie under those healing rays. Chances are you will never see those other sunbathers again, and what I’ve discovered over the years is that most people are so busy worrying about their own bodies and how they look, that they’re not really too concerned with yours!

However, there will always be days when you want to go sight-seeing, and of course in the evenings it’s nice to dress up before heading off for a plate of pasta and a Chianti or two! For these occasions, I’ve chosen some pieces that I believe are the staples of your holiday wardrobe. Just throw in a few sarongs and swimsuits and you’re good to go!

Starting with a maxi dress and I love the simplicity (and price!) of this Printed Maxi Dress with Belt from Marks & Spencer. This can do double duty as a cover-up for the beach, useful for throwing on over your swimsuit to go for lunch. Add flip flops and a huge straw beach bag for a stylish look. In the evenings, swap the beach bag for some bling (stack those bracelets!), a chunky wedge and clutch bag.

Marks and Spencer maxi dress

The evenings can often be a little chillier when you’re abroad, so it’s good to have a little jacket on hand. This Peplum Utility Jacket from Gap is just perfect! A neutral colour to go with everything and 100% cotton so won’t irritate your skin. This would look equally good over the aforementioned maxi as well as jeans, chinos, skirts or shorts.

Gap Jacket

It wouldn’t be summer without a pair of linen trousers, but I’m not talking about the ubiquitous white, wide leg variety so beloved by our mothers for many years! Instead, let me direct you to these Linen Joggers from H&M. Easy to wear; roll up or down to suit your shoe choice; and gentle on skin that might be angry or inflamed. Available in a range of colours but honestly, I think the khaki have my name all over them! * reaches for credit card *

H and M linen joggers

Staying with the idea of allowing your skin full opportunity to avail of the sun’s healing properties, I chose some short sleeve tees rather than opting for the usual longer look. These T-Shirts in a Linen Blend from H&M come in a few different colours and are a lovely relaxed shape in a wonderfully breathable fabric.

H and M linen tee

But of course we all like to add a little glamour and bling to our holiday wardrobe, so for some extra pzazzz, I’ve chosen this Leila Multi Paisley Maxi Dress from Boohoo. It certainly won’t break the bank but is a gorgeous bright, summery option to add to your suitcase.

Boohoo Maxi Dress

Or for the more petite amongst you who feel that a maxi dress might swamp you, I give you this option of the Petite Polly Paisley Cage Back Maxi Dress also from Boohoo, which is cheap as chips but will inject a burst of colourful fun to your look. Both of these would look great with flip flops or gladiators and when you return home to the greyer skies of Ireland or the UK, just pair with a little denim jacket and some trainers.

Boohoo Petite Maxi Dress

Finally, as a change from the usual summer blazers or cotton jackets, what about this Long Printed Kimono from Zara? These come in a range of patterns and lengths, so there should be one there to suit every size and shape. This is such a clever way to immediately dress up a simple outfit of trousers and a tee, and importantly, it won’t take up too much room in your suitcase!

Zara kimono

Holidays should be fun, so don’t let your psoriasis ruin that. If you’re lucky and are careful with your sunscreen, you might even find that you’ll come home with skin that is flatter and clearer than when you left. Now how’s that for a bonus? Bon Voyage!

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