Shopping the sales

Shopping the sales

Sale! Possibly one of the most wonderful words in the English language (she says airily, ignoring her erstwhile English professor’s gasps of horror!) I do love a sale; I love a bargain, a discount, a freebie! And if you’re honest, you’ll admit that you do too. But sometimes that can be the problem. Sometimes we can get so carried away by that 70% off tag, that we neglect to stop and ask ourselves just how often we will wear that gold metallic crochet bikini. (Never is the answer, I hope)

So today, I’m going to talk about the sales and how best to approach them so that you can snag yourself a bargain buy that will have you grinning during those lean weeks before January payday. And whilst we no longer have to wait until Boxing Day for sales to start, I think we can agree that the main bargains tend to be available after Christmas. There are just three main rules to remember.

  • If this was full price, would you still want to buy it?
  • Is this a classic item that will last for longer than just one season?
  • Do you have a minimum of three things in your wardrobe that you can wear this with? 

And if the answer to these questions is yes, well get thee to the till without delay!

But what should we be looking for? Well, I would always say that sales are the times when we should buy those classic items that form the core of your wardrobe. And if you have psoriasis, there are certain staples that will never let you down when it comes to cost per wear. One undeniable classic is the camel coat. Season after season this returns to the catwalk and it never fails to look chic and stylish. Whether worn with jeans and a tee as per this photo or layered over a dress and heels, the camel coat just always works.

Camel coat 
Image via Pinterest

For something that is also a classic but with an edgier style, a biker jacket is key. This is the perfect shape to wear over maxi dresses, midi skirts, jeans and joggers. Whilst there are lots of reasonably priced faux leather versions on the high street, the sales are a great time to score yourself the real deal. It is often worthwhile to stalk these online as leather isn’t always immediately discounted at sale time.

Black leather biker jacket
Image via Asos

While we’re on subject of outerwear, it would be foolish to miss the opportunity to yet again extol the virtues of the white blazer. Someone recently said to me that wearing black couldn’t be that bad – surely it just meant you had to brush your shoulders occasionally? But if your scalp psoriasis is bad (and as one who has been there, you have my sincere sympathy) you’ll know that the occasional shoulder sweep is not going to suffice. There were times when I looked like I had a serious tic with the amount of swishing and swiping and clearing going on. My advice is save yourself the heartache and go with a white blazer instead. It genuinely looks so much more interesting than black. Don’t believe me? Well, perhaps Ms Palermo will convince you!

white blazer
Image via Stylish Wife

Those of you who have been following me for a while will be amused by my next suggestion, the peep toe boot. Scoff all you like people, but mine have been going strong for five years and I still receive compliments when I wear them. At times the psoriasis on my feet was so bad that I had steroid soaked bandages wrapped around them … but in my peep toe boots, all anyone could see was a pretty pedicure. Add in the comfort of a wedge heel and I promise you, this is taking the idea of comfort and style to a whole new level. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it! These are the perfect alternative to a court shoe or a sandal in the warmer months.

peep toe boots
Image via Shop Hearts

Finally, let’s add a bit of bling. I am a huge supporter of the mantra that ‘sparkles are for life, not just for Christmas’ and if you have a sequin jacket in your wardrobe, you will never be stuck for a dressy night out. Whether worn over a pair of distressed jeans and tee, added to cigarette pants and silk vest or teamed with a jumpsuit, a sequin jacket will add instant glamour to any look. Find a shape that suits you – for me it’s a blazer, but for others it may be a waterfall or boxy style – and this is an item that will become a wardrobe staple. Perfect for the Christmas party, the pal’s 30/40/50/60th celebration, a night at the theatre, drinks with the girls. Sequins are always fun!

sequin jacket
Image via Vogue

Above all remember not to buy things in the hope that you will lose enough weight to fit into them, or that your skin will suddenly become immune to that scratchy fabric. Buy for who you are right now. So what are you waiting for? Go get that bargain! Happy shopping!

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