How to accessorize with psoriasis

Accesorizing with psoriasis

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We’ve all had spells where despite our best efforts, our skin seems to win the day. Maybe you’ve been through a stressful time. Perhaps you’re tired, unwell or just a touch under the weather. Whenever such times occur, you can be absolutely sure that as night follows day, so too will your psoriasis flare to really add to your misery! At those times, it can be difficult to remain positive especially with something as visible as red flaking skin. However, this is when some really good accessories can be your best friend. Not only will they help to distract the eye from your skin, but invariably the fact that you’re wearing something a little bit fabulous will help to cheer you up and make you feel better about life. The thing about these flares is that they do calm down again, but it’s always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve for those extra flaky days. 

Jewellery seems an obvious choice but sometimes the metals can irritate and even hurt your skin, so other options need to be looked at. Some years ago, the Hermés Twilly was all the rage, with women wearing it on their handbags, around their necks or twisted on their wrists like a cuff. Today there are far more affordable versions available such as this Natural Summer Square Scarf from Parfois which could easily take the place of a bangle or bracelet and would add a gorgeous burst of colour to your wrist. 

Blue scarf psoriasis

Staying on the theme of summer colours, this Textile Bib Necklace is both unusual and easy to wear. Places like Etsy are great for hunting out accessories that are just a little different, and just think how much interest this would add to a simple white tee and jeans? There is of course, the added advantage that every second person won’t be wearing the same neck piece as you which can often be the drawback of shopping the high street. 

Etsy bib necklace

I love rings, especially cocktail rings and as someone who battled with psoriasis on my hands for many years, I found these a good way to distract the eye from my red and flaky knuckles. Combined with a pretty pale manicure, if nothing else, it certainly made me feel better when I glanced down at my hands! There are a huge range to choose from, especially online, and at such reasonable rates you can choose a variety to match different outfits. This Moonstone Gold Semi Precious Birthstone ring from Not On The High Street is a great example of a neutral that would work for both day and night time.

Cocktail ring

Thinking beyond the summer months now and an accessories blog wouldn’t be complete without a dose of leopard print. In truth I am hankering after the Louis Vuitton version, but in the meantime, this Leopard Print Scarf from Zara will fill the blank nicely. Useful now if you’re planning some travel as airplanes can be chilly places, as indeed can the later summer nights. Add to a camel coat in the Autumn for a classic look that just always looks good!

Leopard scarf

The great thing about accessories is that they always fit and this probably explains my long standing love affair with bags. As with shoes, I only buy leather when shopping for bags as I want to get value for my money. These days you can get leather bags at really great prices such as this Leather Camera Cross Body Bag from Asos. A gorgeous colour, this pop of red would look especially good coming into the colder months when we all seem to gravitate towards the duller shades. In fact, it would look especially good with the aforementioned leopard print scarf and camel coat! 

ASOS crossbody bag

I hope I’ve given you some ideas on how to use accessories to draw the eye to the areas you want to show off rather than the skin you’re trying to conceal. As I always tell people, I truly believe nobody is staring at our skin as much as we think they are, so shoulders back, hold your head high and stop worrying about what others think. 

This post marks my final blog for the LEO Pharma QualityCare™ website. After more than three years of writing about camel coats, opaque tights, peep toe boots and the wonder of a white blazer it’s time for me to pass the quill to someone else. I have really enjoyed being part of this great Blogger Universe and I hope that along the way I have managed to offer some help to some of you. For now, however, I bid you farewell. Over and out!

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