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Clearly my years of Girl Guide activities weren’t entirely wasted as the mantra of ‘Be Prepared’ has stayed with me ever since.  Although your summer vacation may seem like many weeks away yet, it is always good to get in early where swimwear is concerned.  The last thing you want is to be left with the miserable leftover choices that invariably hang on a lonely rail by the middle of June. 

This is the one time where I throw out all the rules and urge you to set aside any embarrassment or self-consciousness you might feel about your skin. Don’t waste your holiday fearing the opinions of others at the expense of enjoying the sun.  I always remind people that everyone, regardless of shape or size, is always far too busy worrying about how they look themselves, to be bothered worrying about you!  And remember, you will quite possibly never see these people again, so why let their presence ruin your holiday?

The key to getting the most from your sunshine experience is to invest in some really lovely cover-ups and accessories that will take you to and from the pool; to the café for lunch; or to the beach bar for cocktails.  The method I have always employed is to strip down to my swimsuit once I’m safely ensconced on my lounger and if in doubt, I squeeze my eyes shut employing the childish tactic of ‘if I can’t see them, they can’t see me!’  Works like a charm every time.  My personal preference (and age is definitely a factor in this) is a one piece, and this Secret Slimming Floral Print Multiway swimsuit from Marks & Spencer is exactly the style I favour.  Ruching to flatter the tummy area and detachable straps to prevent any tan lines.  Really lovely!

M and S swimsuit 
Photo: Marks & Spencers

If you prefer a bit more exposure, a tankini can work really well.  It will give you a little extra coverage when sitting up, but can be rolled up to allow the sun to reach the midriff area when lying down.  Next always have a lovely selection of swimwear to suit all preferences and this Next Tanksuit is a very flattering style because after all, who doesn’t love a stripe? 

Next swimsuit 
Photo: Next

However, the devil is in the detail and so for the first few days of your holidays, a cover-up like this DD-G Wrap Dress from Next is the ideal look for going to and from the beach, or indeed for wandering around the pool complex during the day.  It is light and summery, yet offers plenty of coverage when you are not feeling confident to have your skin on display. 

Next cover up

Photo: Next

As your holiday progresses and you want to show off not just your tan, but your skin which is starting to clear up so satisfyingly, why not get a little braver with a strappy number like this Floral Print Shirred Maxi Dress from Marks & Spencer?  Perfect for moments when you’re sitting in the shade but don’t want to lose any skin clearing opportunities.

M and S maxi dress 
Photo: Marks & Spencers

However, as much as I recommend taking full advantage of the sunshine, it is really, really important that you guard against excessive exposure.  Be sure to use a high factor sunscreen and don’t be fooled into thinking that your psoriasis is an excuse to ditch the spf!  On the contrary!  If you don’t take proper precautions, your skin may burn which could cause a full flare up – and nobody wants that to happen on holiday.  So keep an eye on it and if you feel like you might be getting a bit too much sun, remove yourself to the shade immediately.  With that in mind, I have also found this gorgeous Pom Pom Panama Straw Hat which should be an essential part of any holiday wardrobe, and will still look super cute with some denims and a white shirt when you return home. 

Next hat 
Photo: FatFace

Finally, we move on to foot wear. It is safe to say that I have never worn a more comfortable pair of flip flops than my FitFlops!  If you have psoriasis on your feet (and I did, which is why I know) these are the summer shoes of dreams and will keep your feet cool and ache-free for the duration of your holiday.  A tad pricier than other brands, but genuinely worth it.  Lots of colours and styles to choose from also, but as always I was drawn the to the animal print! Strata TM Snake Effect Leather Toe-Thong Sandals

Fit Flops 
Photo: FitFlop

Hopefully that’s given you lots of ideas for your holiday wardrobe this year.  Happy Packing!

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