Exam fever

Exam fever and how it affects psoriasis

Exam Time! Without a doubt the most stressful time of the year … and not just for students. I have it on good authority that the poor parents in the background are equally stressed but trying not to show it! It is a well known fact that stress is a huge trigger for psoriasis flares, so during exam time it’s really important to try to and make life as easy and as simple as possible – and this includes your wardrobe choices!

The key factor here is comfort. The last thing you need when trying to cram for exams is to wear clothes that are too hot, too tight or irritate your skin in any way. Basically we are looking at the newly popular ‘athleisure’ trend, where clothes that were once strictly kept to the domain of fitness and exercise, have now become acceptable to wear during your leisure time.

Let’s start with the bottom half, and despite my long avowed love for the skinny jean, this is one occasion where I won’t be recommending them. Instead, it’s time to look at jogger pants, which are so easy and comfy to wear, usually have an elasticated waist (a godsend for all that midnight snacking during late night study sessions) and can be worn with trainers, loafers or flip flops through the summer months. These Jogger Trousers from Zara are a cheap ‘n cheerful option, but you’ll find that most high street stores will have a variety in stock ranging from heavy cotton styles through to a lighter crêpe.

Zara jogger

Still channelling the ‘athleisure’ look with these Black Side Stripe Track Trousers from Next. This is a style that can actually be dressed up really successfully with the addition of a slogan tee and a boyfriend blazer, but equally works beautifully as the perfect study uniform when paired with a slouchy sweater or long sleeved tee.

Next track trousers

Speaking of long sleeved tees, I can strongly recommend Cos for their excellent quality. A tiny bit more expensive than other high street stores perhaps, but your tee will retain its shape perfectly making it a great investment in the long run. This Striped Jersey Top is a beloved style for most fashionistas and would add an element of style to any jogger or track pants you favour.

Cos tee

My memory of college libraries is that they were cold places … I seem to recall fingerless gloves being a necessity for many of us poor students! Presumably things have improved since last century, but even in May an extra layer will always be welcome. This cotton Textured Knit Cardi from H&M looks like the perfect item to pull on when studying – it almost wraps the body like a comforting hug. Also ideal to throw on over pjs if you decide to indulge in some extra panicked small hours study whilst the rest of the house is sleeping. (Just me?!)

H and M cardi

As comfort is paramount, it’s hard to beat this Brushed Batwing Sweat Top from Topshop. Soft to the touch, easy on the skin and guaranteed warmth. What more could you ask for?

Topshop sweatshirt

Presumably at some point you will have to emerge from your room to interact with the outside world? Joking aside, it is always recommended that students take a break from their studies to get some fresh air and take some exercise. Even if this is something as small as a stroll to the shop to stock up on chocolate (it’s allowed – there has to be some upsides to doing exams) it is still essential to have some time out. This is even more important for people with psoriasis, as fresh air and exercise helps to relax us and elevate our mood. All good weapons in the battle against stress. And to cheer yourself up even more, how about adorning your feet with something practical yet pretty, such as these Vapour Pinklinen Cream White Adidas Gazelles?

Adidas Gazelles

We all know that exam time is stressful and difficult, but those of us who have been through it also know that it’s not the end of the world! Regardless of your results, life still goes on, so it’s really important to be kind to yourself at this time and try to equip yourself against the toll that anxiety can take on your skin. Try to get enough of sleep (if possible, ditch the midnight study session!); take lots of moisturising baths; eat healthily; drink plenty of water; and get out in the fresh air occasionally. Good luck!

This content is not intended to advise you about your health. Always seek advice from your doctor or other qualified healthcare professionals.

UK/IE MAT-08265. Date of preparation: March 2017

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