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Easter fashion for psoriasis

I always prefer when Easter falls in April. Usually it means the weather will definitely be milder; summer is just around the corner; and it’s the time of year when I love fashion most. Not so cold that we need to wrap ourselves up in bulky coats and scarves, but not so warm that we need to start worrying about short sleeves and cropped trousers. Whilst Marian Keyes may have declared autumn to be ‘the season of new boots’, for me the more exciting time is spring, ‘the season of blazers’. All the joys of my sartorial comfort zone … what more could I ask for?!

This season has been all about pink as we know, but the other colour snapping at its heels on the catwalk, was yellow. I decided in honour of the Easter holidays to embrace this yellow trend and all its connotations of optimism and hope. After all, that’s what Easter is supposed to be all about, right? (Tries to ignore large quantities of chocolate eggs.) Often considered a difficult colour to wear, the thing to remember is the variety of shades that are available. If you are unsure, hold a few different yellow tones up against your face and see which works best. Sometimes a very strong yellow can wash out your skin tone, but if you take a few moments in front of the mirror to test this out, you’ll soon find which shade works best for you. A paler lemon also makes a nice change from cream or taupe, and will look fabulous paired with white coming into the summer months.

However, let us be practical for a moment, for in the midst of all this optimism we mustn’t forget that April is also the month for showers. Fear not, we have you covered with this gorgeous vibrant Belted Trench coat from Marks & Spencer. Perfect for adding a touch of spring to your wardrobe and given how unpredictable our weather can be, this will soon earn its keep!

M and S trench

Bringing your wardrobe right up to date with the new trend for all things sleeve related (bell shape, frilled, fluted, the list goes on!) is this Button Detail Shirt from Autograph. Lovely with blue or white jeans, this would also work perfectly with grey or charcoal skinnies. I’m not a huge fan of black with yellow, as it always strikes me as too harsh a contrast, so perhaps opt for a softer charcoal jean instead, if you want to keep a darker bottom half.

button detail shirt

Staying with the sleeve trend! It’s everywhere and I’m still on the fence as to whether I like it or not. I guess from a psoriasis perspective it beats the cold shoulder trend of last year, but I am wary of these big sleeves adding bulk to one’s silhouette. Not to mention, how is one supposed to fit them under a blazer? But I digress. What I should be doing is directing your attention to this very on trend and very reasonably priced Full Sleeve Sweatshirt from Zara.

Zara sweatshirt

And speaking of my old favourite wardrobe staple … may I present the blazer! As much as I love a white blazer and strongly maintain it should be a wardrobe basic (especially for those of us with psoriasis), it’s nice to ring the changes with a splash of colour. This Yellow Ruched Sleeve Blazer from River Island is the perfect example and oooh, doesn’t it look gorgeous with denim? Incidentally if the ruched sleeve doesn’t appeal to you, a simple snip of a few stitches will restore the sleeve to its normal length.

River Island blazer

However, as with all things fashion there will always be looks that don’t appeal and I am aware that there will be some of you for whom yellow is never going to be a runner. But if you still want to dip your toe into the water without fully immersing yourself in the trend, perhaps take a look at adding a shot of yellow to your accessories. I for one am never averse to adding a new bag to my collection and I’m betting that this Suede Curved Across Body Bag from Asos would serve you well right through the summer months.

Asos suede body bag

And a final suggestion which for me always heralds the arrival of summer … Converse. Despite the rise in popularity of trainers such as Adidas, Puma etc. as everyday footwear, Converse have still retained their reputation as a wardrobe classic that never dates. Giving an elegant nod to the popularity of yellow, this Converse Ctas Gemma Low Leather Egret Rose Gold Exclusive is a perfect way to incorporate the trend whilst keeping your feet fully covered yet summery!

Office Converse

So you see, yellow doesn’t have to be the preserve of Easter chicks, and with so many paler variations available on the clothes rails, it works just as well as whites or creams when it comes to camouflaging psoriasis flakes. Why not give it a try this season? Happy Easter!

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