Dressing up with psoriasis

Dressing up with psoriasis

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I’m not going to lie to you! I am not a fan of Hallowe’en. I find it a kind of pointless holiday and as someone who has never been a fan of dressing up in costume, the whole event is tedious beyond words. Add in the trauma of trying to remove face paint from small faces or struggling to contain the quantity of rubbish being inhaled by small people and quite honestly, it makes me want to go lie down in a quiet, darkened room! However, one must not be churlish (snort!) and so in deference to the month that’s in it, I thought we should take a little look at dressing up. But of course, this is dressing up Flaky style, so you may put aside any thoughts of wigs, masks or Cinderella dresses!

I don’t think that there is a single psoriasis patient who hasn’t been besieged by feelings of distress at some point in their journey. Such a visible disease will always take its toll on one’s self esteem and even I, as positive as I always try to be, have had moments where I would have far preferred to stay beneath the duvet rather than face the day. But clothes are a wonderful armour and I hold firm to the belief that what we wear affects how we feel. With this in mind, today I want to look at those pieces which will always offer courage. The type of clothes that exude glamour and fun, that will make you feel good the moment you put them on and that will certainly have others cooing over your style, as opposed to looking at your skin!

Let us start with some sparkle, because in my world, a sequin is for life and not just for Christmas! There is no greater way to lift the spirits than with some glitz ‘n glamour and this Sequin Pencil Skirt from Whistles certainly doesn’t disappoint. Pair with black opaques, killer heels and a silk shirt or pussy bow blouse for evening. Add some flat knee high boots and a slouchy knit to wear during the day. Have fun playing around with your wardrobe and see what kind of looks to create, remembering that sequins don’t have to be kept for evening wear only!

A statement jacket that makes you feel good, will always be a great investment and this Sequin Embroidered Jacket from Mango is just gorgeous. Although it’s a dark colour, the sequins and thread will disguise any flaking that might occur. Wear with a tee, jeans and trainers for a very individual daytime look, or pair with a silk vest top and midi skirt; some leather-look skinnies; or indeed some wide legged cropped trousers for the evening. As always, just add opaques (if needed) and some killer heels.

For true Hollywood-style glamour, you cannot beat some faux fur and better still, it is so gentle and easy to wear on skin that is angry or irritated. A faux fur coat will always raise the glamour quotient of any outfit. This Asos Coat in Vintage Faux Fur is the perfect pale winter shade that will work well with your entire wardrobe whilst also camouflaging any flaking.

For those who are taller, a poncho style is one that can look really good. It also has the advantage of working over a range of different looks from skinny jeans to pencil skirts. The addition of the fur trim to this McWilliams Poncho from Coast gives it a really stylish look. A great alternative to a winter coat and guaranteed to turn heads!

And finally, the fur gilet! These can be trickier to wear as there is always the risk that you’ll look like an extra from the set of Vikings! However, the key is to find one that is sleek in appearance and won’t add bulk to your silhouette. These look fabulous when worn over a biker jacket or blazer. It’s a very stylish layered look that acknowledges the onslaught of winter, but ensures you remain both warm and stylish without being bundled up in scarves, hats and bulky coats. It’s also a really good alternative to a ‘car coat’ and wouldn’t it inject some serious style to the daily school run? The Faux Fur Gilet from Topshop ticks all the boxes and couldn’t fail to raise your spirits each time you wear it.

So you see, dressing up doesn’t just have to be the preserve of children or themed parties. Sometimes it’s nice to find something a little different and special that will add an unexpected wow factor to your wardrobe and make you feel good all day long. Happy Dressing Up!

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