How to manage psoriasis in your skin folds

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Common symptoms and how to manage psoriasis in skin folds

Skin folds are areas of your body where skin rubs against skin, for example the groin, inner thigh, armpits and under the breasts.1 A type of psoriasis called inverse, or hidden psoriasis, often affects skin folds.1-3 It affects about a quarter of people with psoriasis and is particularly common in obese people.3 Skin at skin folds is thinner,2 so more delicate. It is more likely to be irritated by sweat and rubbing and is prone to yeast or fungal infections because of its location.1,2 You and your doctor should look out for this.2

Inverse psoriasis appears as smooth, shiny red patches.1-3 The skin isn’t dry and crusty like plaque psoriasis,1,2 it may even feel moist.1 These areas are likely to be irritated and itchy.1

Inverse psoriasis occurs because skin folds are moister than more exposed areas where plaque psoriasis is more common.1 People with inverse psoriasis often have plaque psoriasis too.1,2

Because your skin folds are sensitive, inverse psoriasis can be difficult to treat.1,2 Ask your doctor or pharmacist how to apply your treatment in skin folds.1

Keep clean, dry and comfortable

If you have inverse psoriasis you should keep your skin clean by gently bathing it.4 It is important to wear loose clothes that let your skin breathe such as cotton4 and natural fibres.

As often as possible, try to wear loose, comfortable clothing. The best materials are cotton or poly-cotton mixes.4

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