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Why talking with friends could help your psoriasis

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Why being open may help you better manage your psoriasis

Although your psoriasis is a very personal issue, you may find it helpful to tell your friends, family and people at work about it. It's important to remember that you shouldn't feel that you have to manage psoriasis on your own. You may be surprised by the benefits that being open about your psoriasis brings. Don't suffer in silence.1-3

While it may be hard to talk about it at first, telling those close to you could help you better manage the condition.

Trying to keep your psoriasis secret is emotionally tiring and it may even end up increasing your worries.

Hiding your psoriasis by covering it up reduces your skin's exposure to sunlight. In small doses, sunlight can be good for your skin. So you would be missing out on this potential benefit.4

Tell others about your condition

Try focusing on the advantages that being open about your psoriasis might bring. A major potential benefit of telling others about your condition is that you'll have a much wider support network.

Although your friends and colleagues may not understand exactly what you're going through, they may be able to offer emotional support. You may even discover others with the condition with whom you can share mutual support – growing the network of people you can rely on still further.1
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There's no reason to feel ashamed

Having the support of those around you could make a big difference to how you manage your condition.3 And remember, while it might not be easy to talk about your psoriasis, there's no reason to feel ashamed.1

If you do tell people, the chances are they'll be understanding and supportive.3 Psoriasis is a common condition, so there's a good chance they may have already heard of it or may even know other people who have it.

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UK/IE MAT-27010 Date of prep: July 2019

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