Talking to your partner about psoriasis

Getting psoriasis support from a partner

Getting support from your partner

Many people with psoriasis feel embarrassed.1,2 They think their appearance is unsightly and want to hide their skin with clothing.1,2 This can cause problems in their relationships.3 However, it is important to remember other people feel like you. Many people who don’t have skin conditions aren’t satisfied with their body and feel insecure.3

Getting support from others is important.4 Unfortunately psoriasis can affect your well-being and in some cases may lead to feelings of depression.1 Stress can trigger a flare-up or prevent your psoriasis from clearing up.3 The good news is this is less likely to happen to the people who get the social support they need.4 It helps to talk to your partner openly about your psoriasis and how it makes you feel. This can help to avoid any misunderstandings.3

Whatever your concerns, it's important to remember that your partner won't know how to help unless you tell them.5


Try to explain how you are feeling

No matter how close you are to somebody, it can still be hard for your partner to know exactly what you're going through. They are likely to feel upset if you are suffering, even though they may not always know how to show it or how best to support you.

Help them to help you by always being as honest as possible about how you feel and what exactly you need them to do to help you feel better.

Let your partner help

Whatever your concerns, it is important to remember that your partner won't know how to help unless you tell them.5 It might make your partner feel more useful and better about themselves if they know how they can make a difference to you. Perhaps you feel embarrassed about exposing your skin and need reassurance. Or maybe you would like their help applying your moisturiser and treatment in hard-to-reach areas.

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UK/IE MAT-26900 Date of prep: July 2019

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