How does psoriasis affect your family?

The benefits of friends and family understanding what you’re going through

Psoriasis and how you feel about it can affect your relationships with friends, family and colleagues. By being open, and taking the time to explain your condition, what causes it and how you can control it, you may help your loved ones to understand your concerns. This will help them be a vital source of support to you, keeping you positive and able to cope better with your psoriasis.

How psoriasis affects family life

Psoriasis can affect family life in many ways, from not feeling like joining in the fun, swimming or playing sport, to needing to make time to apply your treatment regularly.

By being open about your condition and taking the time to explain it, you're likely to get their support and help maintain family quality of life.

Your family may also need to take some pressure off you by doing some of your jobs around the house or helping you to apply your topical medication. It will be easier for them to be loving and supportive if you let them help you, and if you explain the difficulties you might face, so you can beat them together and not let psoriasis take over family life.

Why family support is important

Getting family support is undoubtedly important because it not only makes a great deal of difference to the quality of your life, but could also impact the course of the condition. Since stress may trigger a flare-up or prevent psoriasis from clearing up, it's a good idea if family members fully understand your condition and deal with any problems that could make you feel stressed, to give you the best chance of managing your psoriasis.

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