How does psoriasis affect your family?

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The benefits of family and friends understanding what you’re going through

How you feel about your psoriasis can affect your relationships with family, friends and colleagues.1-3 By being open, and taking the time to explain your condition, you will help your loved ones understand and support you.2,4

How psoriasis affects family life

Psoriasis can affect family life in many ways. You may not join in the fun, when everyone else is swimming or playing sport because you don’t want them to see your skin.1 Or if your symptoms are very bad you may want to join in but you just don’t feel up to it. If you have had a sleepless night4 you may be tired and irritable. Applying your treatment can take a long time,5 some days this might make you late. Or you may be feeling down and not feel like socialising.1 This can make them worried about you, especially if they don’t know how to help.

By being open about your condition and taking the time to explain it, you're likely to get their support and help maintain family quality of life.4

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If you are open with your family it will help them understand.4 Tell them the things you don’t want to do or can’t do. Tell them how they can help you.6 This may be by doing some of your jobs around the house or reminding you to apply your topical medication.6

Why family support is important

Getting family support is important. People with more support have a higher quality of life, are less likely to be depressed and are more likely to accept their condition.3 If you have more support you are less likely to be stressed. This can help your symptoms as stress may trigger a flare-up.

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UK/IE MAT-27021 Date of prep: July 2019

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