Tune out your psoriasis itch with these 5 pointers

Five steps for preventing psoriasis itching

Tips for preventing itchy, flaky skin

Psoriasis and skin irritation often go hand in hand, with many people reporting regular outbreaks of itchy skin. There are a number of steps you can take that can help you cope with these symptoms and bring them under control. Here are some simple ideas that might make a difference:

1. Make sure you treat your psoriasis

For help with your itching, you need to target the underlying cause – your psoriasis. Emollient creams can help to soothe skin and keep it moist and many topical treatments may contain ingredients that can reduce both itching and inflammation.

2. Take a bath

Have a soothing soak in a lukewarm bath. Make sure the water is not too hot and try to pat your skin dry rather than rubbing it. Afterwards, gently moisturise your skin to 'lock in' moisture or apply your topical psoriasis treatment and try to avoid soaps that may dry your skin.

3. Soothe the affected area

Apply a cold compress or ice pack to the affected area. A raging itch is often accompanied by a burning sensation and cooling the skin down can help reduce the urge to scratch.

4. Don't let your skin get too dry

Dry skin feels itchier than rehydrated skin, so moisturise your skin regularly. Low humidity levels in winter can often make itching worse especially if your house has central heating, which can be drying. So, keep your skin well moisturised and consider using a humidifier, especially during winter.

5. Keep your skin well-moisturised

This can not only reduce flaking and related symptoms, but also helps your treatments to work more effectively.

Try reducing the pressure on the skin by exercising your calf muscles – bend the knees from time to time when standing or lying down so that the muscles can pump blood more efficiently.

Men bath

6. Lock-in skin moisture after a shower or bath

When you take a bath or shower, always wash in lukewarm water. Hot water increases blood flow to the skin and can make scaling and flaking.

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