Exercise the stress out of your psoriasis

Regular exercise to help manage psoriasis

How regular exercise can help you manage psoriasis

Regular exercise may help not only your overall well-being, but your psoriasis too. So it can be worthwhile integrating regular exercise into your daily routine.

If you haven't exercised regularly before, or you are not sure what level of activity is suitable for you, speak to your doctor for advice first. They will help you build up your activity levels gradually. This might be twenty minutes of exercise on five or more days during the week, or short bouts of physical activity spread out during the day.

There are plenty of ways of integrating exercise into your normal routine. Taking the stairs rather than the lift at work, leaving the car at home for short trips, or parking further away than you normally do, can all add more physical activity into your day. Housework and gardening are also great ways to fit exercise into your day.

You are more likely to stick to an exercise regime if you look forward to it, so choose an activity you enjoy and ask your partner or a friend to join you. You might want to start something new and could try dancing, pilates, tai chi, walking or yoga.

Regular exercise may help not only your overall wellbeing, but your psoriasis too.

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If you want to go to the gym or swimming pool but feel vulnerable when your psoriasis is exposed, there are ways to manage these feelings. It may help to take things one step at a time – perhaps first simply visit to look at the facilities. Then try a 10-minute session, then 20 minutes, and so on. In the gym you could also try diverting attention away from negative thoughts by listening to music.

Physical activity can play an important role in how you manage your psoriasis and it can be an especially useful way to reduce and prevent stress.

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